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Bean-specific full page biographies


Montgomery Coffee Company is proud to be roasting and presenting the following line of coffees at this time. Please note that selections and blends may change frequently over time. Watch Facebook or check back for new and noteworthy additions.


Costa Rica El Tirra Honey Process (out, in stock June/July 2016)

Honduras Capucas Fair Trade Organic

Guatemala Huehuetenago

Nicaragua Yasika NEW


Brazil Cerrado/Oberon

Columbia Supremo (Tolima) Fair Trade Organic *NEW*

Columbia Supremo (decaf)


Burundi Kibenga *new

Tanzania Peaberry *new

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Kenya Baragwi AA

Rwanda Coshaco


India Monsooned Malabar

Sumatra Mandeling

Papua New Guinea Arokara


The true benefit of high quality beans is the unique flavor of the country, location, and farm(s) of origin, roasted to a medium temperature to maintain that flavor. Some of these origin flavors, when combined, can be used to generate a specific and truly unique flavor profile. Our Espresso Blend, for example, combines 5 different varietals, roasted to a specific temperature, to yield the perfect blend for robust caramels, chocolates, and hints of brightness in espresso, lattes, and for drip brew as well. Try one by itself, or mix with others on your own.

Espresso Blend

  • Five different origins, roasted medium-dark, perfect for espresso, or drip brew

House Blend

  • Central/South American Blend designed for all around use

Breakfast Blend

  • Central/South American Blend, similar to House, mixed for added nutty/cocoa feel